Albaraka Mobil
Mobil Bankacılık

Cost Free Banking!

No more fees at Albaraka! All EFT and wire transfer transactions performed through Albaraka Mobile, Internet Branch, ATM and Alo Albaraka are free of charge. Besides, there is no account operating fee!

Which transactions are free of charge?

  • Account operating fee will not be charged from current accounts or participation accounts in TL, foreign currency or gold to be opened at Albaraka Turk under any condition.
  • Free EFT and wire transfer transactions are valid for TL currency and between domestic banks.
  • Foreign currency transfers from one Albaraka Turk account to another one is free of charge as well.
  • Foreign currency transfers via SWIFT are not within the scope of free money transfers.

Other Free Transactions Performed via Albaraka Mobile, Internet Branch and ATMs

  • Credit Card Payments
  • FX Buying / Selling
  • Bill Payments
  • MVT Payments
  • Traffic Fine Payments
  • Tax Payments*
  • SSI Payments*
  • Donation Payments*
  • Hajj-Umrah Payments*

*Relevant transactions cannot be performed via Albaraka Mobile.