Albaraka Alneo POS is a new payment platform that enables your company to receive easy collection and your customers to make more practical payments independent of the physical POS device.

In order to minimize the economic damage our member businesses may experience due to the coronavirus affecting the world and our country, we have reduced the rate of all in advance collections via Albaraka Alneo to 0.99% until a second notice.

By installing the Albaraka Alneo POS application, which works using the virtual POS infrastructure, to your mobile phone, you can make payments without time / space constraints with the options of sending a link with QR code, OCR (Card scanning) technologies or SMS, e-mail, so that you can eliminate the problems such as roll, installation, technical service you can face during the process.

Albaraka Alneo POS application is completely free to use, and you can perform transactions without line / operating fee, fixed fee, commitment and quota target.

In addition, with our Albaraka Alneo Wallet application, which is designed for the use of cardholders, you can make your payments in Albaraka Alneo member merchants within seconds with high security standards by using a QR code.

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