Vehicle Financing Campaign

Albaraka Turk has the opportunity to rates starting from 1,50% profit on all periods for 0 km or Second Hand Vehicles.

Campaign Details

  • Our financing campaign is valid until 30.09.2021.
  • In order to benefit from the advantageous financing rate, HGS, Traffic Insurance, Vehicle Insurance must be made through our bank and at least 1 Automatic Payment order must be given.
  • 100 TL World Points will be awarded in the month following the statement period for fuel purchases of 100 TL or more, which our customers using financing will make 3 times during the statement period with their Albaraka Personal Credit Cards.
  • Standard allocation fee will be charged in Vehicle Financing. Click for detailed information and application documents.
  • Albaraka reserves the right to change the conditions of the campaign or to stop the campaign according to the changing market conditions.

Vehicles Financing Rates;

Maturity Profit Rate(a monthly) Allocation Fee
01-24 Month %1,50 0,50%
25-48 Month %1,52 0,50%

For further information and application, please contact our nearest branch.

In addition to our customers who will use vehicle financing;